Fullarton Group membership is now
available in Canada and all US States!
Promo distributors keep their independence and earn a sizeable return on their membership dues!
Financial benefits that translate to
meaningful business growth.

Exclusive rebate programs.

Our rebate model allows even the smallest of Members to push the rebates ever higher, putting more money in the pockets of everyone.

Rebates are on top of your

best price.

Distributors continue to focus on negotiating their own unique price, terms, and delivery while still participating in the Group rebate programs.

Low Membership Fee

Membership fees are intentionally set at a very low rate so we can ensure it does not become a barrier to entry.  We are here to help our independents and punitive fee structures don’t help anyone.

"I just wish we joined sooner!"

Watch: A member's message to future members.

Our mission is laser-focused on helping you thrive
as an independent business!

Members keep their independence!

We don't force or tell you who to buy from. Distributors maintain their individuality and their own brand while still being a part of a larger group.

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Business Team

You maintain strong relationships with your current and Fullarton Suppliers.

Our Suppliers are selected by our Members and demonstrate daily that they are true partners in our Member’s success. Fullarton provides the opportunity for its Members to deepen their ties with existing Suppliers and new Supplier partners.

Member FAQ

What if my suppliers aren’t involved in Fullarton?

Every Member has the opportunity to sponsor a new Supplier and bring them forward to the Group for evaluation. The Group will then approach the potential Partner on your behalf and will ask them to prepare a program to be presented to the Supplier Selection Committee.

How are the rebates paid to Members?

Members will receive rebates on their purchases made with our Supplier Partners. On an annual basis, and when the funds have been collected from the Supplier Partners, Fullarton will pay out rebates directly to Members via EFT/ACH into their accounts.

What are the criteria for a Membership?

Membership is for promotional product distributors in Canada and the United States. Membership is by invitation only with the over-riding criteria that the distributor runs their business ethically and see the value in working with others to help grow their business and the push to retain independence in the industry.

How much does a membership cost?

Canadian Distributor Membership Fees: A one-time account setup fee of $197.00 CAD A monthly Membership Fee of $165.00 CAD USA Distributor Membership Fees: A one-time account setup fee of $139.00 USD A monthly Membership Fee of $115.00 USD If you decide, for whatever reason, Fullarton is not a fit for your business, you may leave at any time.

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