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Member Benefits

The Fullarton Group is for promotional product distributors who want to maintain their individuality and their own brand while still being a part of a larger group to develop best practices, strategies and build relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Membership is by invitation or application only.

Membership Literature

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Benefits Sheet


An abstract of the financial and non-financial benefits of becoming a Fullarton Group Member that your team can use to help educate your decision.

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Misconceptions Addressed


We address some of the most common misconceptions and FAQ about becoming a Member.

Business Meeting

Financial Benefits

Exclusive Rebate Programs


Fullarton uses a data-driven approach to rebate program negotiations with Group Supplier partners to receive better rebates than Distributors could on their own. Our rebate model allows even the smallest of Members to push the rebates ever higher, putting more money in the pockets of everyone.

Electronic Payments and Invoicing Platform


Fast, efficient and PROTECTED!

Fullarton utilizes a central invoice and payment model using electronic invoicing (EDI) and payments (EFT). Electronic payments have moved to the forefront as businesses shift to more efficient, faster, and protected payment methods.

Rebate Tracking & Management


Nobody does rebate management better than the team at Fullarton.  Using world-leading buying group software to track, calculate, collect and distribute rebates ensures Fullarton Members get all the rebates they earn and ensures they get those rebate payments faster and more efficiently than most other groups. Fullarton’s system for rebate management is second to none. Members trust the results.

Rebates Above Your Best Price


Distributors continue to negotiate

their own best price and delivery while still participating in the Group rebate programs.

Exclusive Product Promotions


Fullarton Supplier Partners may offer product promotions, flash sales, booking programs, and other incentives that are only available to Fullarton Members. These incentives are offered above and beyond the negotiated rebate program with each Supplier.

Low Membership Fee


Our Members always see their Membership fees as an investment since it actually earns them a return on their annual dues. 


Canadian Distributor Membership Fees:

  • A one-time account setup fee of $197.00 CAD

  • A monthly Membership Fee of $165.00 CAD

USA Distributor Membership Fees:

  • A one-time account setup fee of $139.00 USD

  • A monthly Membership Fee of $115.00 USD

No Long-Term Commitment


We understand that you need to do what is right for your business so, if you decide, for whatever reason, Fullarton is not a fit for your business, you may leave at any time.


Networking & Non-Financial Benefits

Relationships and Networking that Fuel Growth


Being ahead of the pack with insight into what the brightest and best entrepreneurs in the promotional products sector are doing gives you a competitive advantage.  Your Fullarton network is your “go to” source for all the business issues you face.  If you want to get better at any game, you need to play with the best.  Fullarton’s criteria for membership brings the best together and when we meet, it is the owners and leaders of our member companies that attend.  Why?  Simply because once they attended one meeting, they won’t ever miss another.

Support on Both Sides of the Fence


The Fullarton staff is working for both its Members and Suppliers.  We visit our Members’ factories and speak to our Suppliers regularly.  Our General Manager is a liaison between all Members and Suppliers to make warm introductions and help solve problems where traditional member to Supplier communication cannot. Every effort we take is focused on your success.

Annual Meetings


Nothing is more looked forward to by our Members than the Annual Meeting.  Learning, sharing, and making friends.  Being an independent promotional product distributor is a lonely job – nobody else in your community knows what issues you are facing on a day to day basis.  At Fullarton, all of our Members are just like you – similar issues – similar challenges.

Suppliers Truly Become Partners


When great companies live by the “better together” model the result is growth and increased profits. Our Suppliers, selected by our Members for their products, service, and programs, demonstrate daily are true partners in our Member’s success. Partners support with training, innovative products and support that deliver much more than a low price.  Fullarton provides the opportunity for its Members to deepen their ties to their existing Suppliers and opportunities to establish new Supplier partners.

Networking Event

How the Group Works

Purchasing Process


Distributors still negotiate their own prices with every Fullarton Supplier Partner. Rebates are earned on a Group level and then paid out to each Member as earned.

Supplier Selection Process


Suppliers are recruited and asked to present a purchasing program to Fullarton. Members qualify and vote in the suppliers.

Supplier Purchasing Programs


Every Fullarton Supplier Partner establishes a set of standard payment terms and a rebate program that they will offer to all Members on their purchase put through the Group.

Find out if your business qualifies to become a distributor member.