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How it Works
How it Works

We believe in involving and listening to our Members.  Members choose which Suppliers are the best for them and the Group.  Members don’t shy away from making the decisions that make them successful.  Fullarton is the vehicle that helps them do what can only be achieved by working together.

Purchasing Process

New distributors that join Fullarton continue to place orders, receive invoices, and make payments directly with their suppliers in the same method they currently do. Fullarton will advise the suppliers within the Group of a new member that has just joined with the member’s company and contact details. Each Fullarton supplier will mark the distributor as a new Fullarton member in their system to ensure that all future purchases earn rebates with each supplier.

Supplier Selection Process

Fullarton’s unique negotiation process is based on the firmly held belief that Members, being well established independent distributors, know how to choose the “best” suppliers for their businesses. Suppliers are recruited by Fullarton after being recommended by their Members and are asked to present a program to Members during one of Fullarton’s Supplier Selection Meetings. Suppliers are selected by the committee on what they view as best fits for all Fullarton Members.

Supplier Program Negotiations

Every Fullarton Supplier Partner establishes a set of standard payment terms and a rebate program that they will offer to all Fullarton Members on their purchases. These terms are exclusive to Members and the details of the programs are never shared outside the Group.

See what we can do together!

Discover how a Fullarton distributor membership or supplier partnership can help grow your business.

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