Fullarton Group

A buying group for promotional product distributors and suppliers.



The Fullarton Group is a Member-driven buying group. We are driven to enable growth-oriented independent promotional product distributors and their best suppliers in the sector to jointly outperform the market and stay ahead of their competitors.


Fullarton’s model is simple as it is specifically designed to enhance your business (and profits), not change it.  Members always negotiate their own best price (like they do now) and rebates are earned above your own negotiated best price.  


Why don’t we negotiate price? 

Simply put, it does not work. In other models where price is negotiated, the biggest Members subsidized the smaller Members. 


Fullarton’s Solution

In Fullarton’s model, everyone wins. Members trade purchase volumes to Group Supplier Partners in exchange for rebates and potentially better terms. Since rebates are plateau driven, the more each Member buys the larger each Member’s financial return is.  Members only earn rebates if they purchase from Fullarton Suppliers, and since Members vote in which Suppliers they want in Fullarton, there’s huge value in buying through the Group’s Suppliers. Plus, Members are not locked into a long-term commitment and can choose to leave at any time.


Why do suppliers partner with Fullarton?

Suppliers see Fullarton as an ideal customer that always pays its bills and increases its purchase volumes, year after year. Most supplier programs are designed to increase rebates as the Group’s sales increase. Exclusive events that give Suppliers scheduled, face-to-face time with each Member’s decision makers and gathered in one place to drastaclly reduce a Supplier’s marketing and administrative costs.  Fullarton actively encourages Members to purchase from Group Suppliers to the extent where Fullarton essentially becomes an extension our Supplier’s sales team.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Speed.  Strength. Innovation. Constant Improvements.  Family.  Community.  Drive.

All words that describe the independent promotional product distributor businesses in all communities across North America.  The mindset that is willing to take risks.  The Fullarton Group champions this entrepreneurial spirit to the benefit of all.

Built by Buying Group Experts

Fullarton has been established by and is managed by Buying Group Services Inc. (BGS). Their team of dedicated buying group experts has, collectively, over 100 years of buying group and purchasing co-operative experience and are recognized as world-leading experts in buying groups. Fullarton’s business model has been modelled after other very successful buying groups started and managed by Buying Group Services. The story behind these other buying groups are very similar to Fullarton’s, a few independents seeking a solution that would allow them to purchase directly from their suppliers and receive competitive pricing. Today, these group's provide a sustainable environment for independents and provide over 3,000 jobs across the county.

Our Mission

Fullarton’s mission is to help the profitability and sustainability of independent promotional product distributors and their suppliers.


We have a track record of putting money in everyone’s pocket!

Our Why

Fullarton believes in keeping independent businesses independent by working together to compete on a much higher level, all without compromising what makes their businesses great - their independence.


Our team has an unparalleled passion to help the independent business owners in our industry and this is evident in every new Member and Supplier Partner relationship we make.


We can help grow your business.

Discover how a Fullarton distributor membership or supplier partnership can help grow your business.